Action area


Nifin’akanga has 07 antennas located in the 06 previous provincial capitals of Madagascar, as well as in the city of Antalaha. There are plans underway to establish a new antenna in Fort Dauphin. Each of these antennas has unique features and, collectively, they consist of 300 activists.


The Antalaha antenna boasts the highest number of activists, totaling 92 individuals, of whom 53% are women and 47% are men. The majority of these activists are young adults between the ages of 17 and 30, with many studying fields related to agronomy and environmental science.

The Antalaha antenna operates with a strong sense of solidarity and group cohesion, maintaining a high level of organization and holding regular meetings to foster a sense of community among its members. Their events consistently draw large crowds.

Over the past year, the Antalaha activists have effectively established their movement at the regional level and have developed a strong presence within civil society organizations in the city. The group has successfully organized several events, including :

    • a capacity-building workshop for activists,
    • a debate on rape and incest with local authorities,
    • a mass awareness campaign on gender-based violence and women’s rights,
    • a campaign on the rights of young girls,
    • a puppet show to raise awareness about rape and incest,
    • and active participation in the celebration of International Women’s Day through a film screening in partnership with the French Alliance of Antalaha.


The Antananarivo antenna, also known as the Analamanga antenna, brings together 33 dedicated volunteer activists who strongly support the causes advocated by the movement. The majority of these men and women have diverse backgrounds and are involved in the fight for human rights through other organizations. Among them are lawyers, communication professionals, first aid trainers, and psychology students. This diversity of backgrounds allows for new ideas and relevant proposals for project activities.

The team has carried out a wide range of awareness-raising activities on issues such as rape, incest, and the passing of the law on Therapeutic termination of pregnancy (TTP). The team has collaborated with the Ambohimanambola municipality on some of these activities, including:

    • Organizing a debate on TTP with local communities and authorities in the Ambohimanambola municipality.
    • Organizing an artistic event to raise awareness in the community about the movement’s actions, as well as rape and incest, in the Ambohimanambola municipality.
    • Hosting an exhibition at the Antananarivo City Hall on TTP guidelines.
    • Organizing a feminist Christmas market.


The Diego-Suarez antenna is composed of 23 activists, with a slight predominance of women. The average age is around 25 years old, making it a dynamic and available team. This antenna has the particularity of bringing together mostly medical and law students.

During the last exercise, in addition to the capacity-building workshop, the activists organized several events, including:

    • Organizing a responsible café aimed at raising public awareness about the difference between Therapeutic termination of pregnancy (TTP) and voluntary abortion, and discussing rape and incest.
    • Five days of special awareness-raising on the themes of rape, incest, and TTP with the participation of other civil society organizations (CSOs) sharing the same values, including radio and television programs.
    • Active participation in the International Women’s Day.

Haute Matsiatra

The Fianarantsoa antenna has 49 activists, with 41% women , of which only two are at least 36 years old, and 59% men. It consists mainly of young people, with an average age of 26 years old. This antenna is highly organized and dynamic, with a strong male presence, and is characterized by its cosmopolitan nature. In addition to students, it includes several professions, such as traders, hairdressers, nurses, housewives, mechanics, masons, and university administrative staff.

Between September 2022 and January 2023, the antenna carried out innovative activities, including:

    • Organizing a Betsileo culture contest, including poems on TTP, traditional clothing, with the aim of giving women a voice and raising awareness of women’s right to terminate a pregnancy that could cost them their lives.
    • Organizing a free raffle on women’s rights and TTP at the bus station.
    • Screening films on rape and incest during the International Women’s Day.
    • Active participation in the parade organized by the authorities during the International Women’s Day.


The Mahajanga antenna is made up of 25 activists, with a group of very dynamic young people, whose average age is 28 years old, with 80% women and 20% men. 55% of women are between 18 and 35 years old.

60% of these activists are students in management, tourism, medicine, and administration. There are also some volunteers from the Malagasy Red Cross, two teachers, and a police officer.

Between September 2022 and January 2023, in addition to capacity-building workshops for activists, the Mahajanga antenna carried out 4 main activities:

    • A quantitative survey on the family booklet for single-parent families with a sample of 250 women, followed by a workshop to present the results
    • A citizen café on the theme of “rape and incest among our children and mothers”
    • Sensitization on therapeutic termination of pregnancy (TTP) through the organization of a theater and slam performance
    • A citizen café on rape and incest


The Toamasina antenna brings together 46 activists, including 32 women (70%) and 11 men (30%). It is composed of 80% students, as well as health personnel, teachers, entrepreneurs, and a female musician.

The group is well-structured with a division of tasks, facilitating the organization of events. This dynamism attracts new volunteers over time.

The team has remained very active with the realization of several activities:

    • A flash mob at the city hall square to raise awareness of the need to adopt the bill on TTP, rape, and incest
    • Active participation in the International Women’s Day through the screening of the film “Open Wound” on rape and incest in Madagascar
    • An exhibition on the indications of TTP
    • The conduct of a quantitative study on the issue of the family record book for single-parent families in Toamasina, followed by the organization of a results sharing workshop.

Atsimo Andrefana

The Toliara antenna has a total of 32 activists, ranging in age from 20 to 27. There is a strong female representation in the team, with 69% women and 31% men.

These volunteers come from various professional backgrounds, with half being employees including city officials, project managers, and teachers. The other half is made up of law, economics, and medical students.

The team has carried out numerous awareness-raising activities with a lot of creativity, based on the themes of the Nifin’akanga movement.

    • A public theater organized at the Toliara French Alliance to raise awareness among the population about rape, incest, injustice around the right to TTP, and to push the pending bill in the National Assembly.
    • The organization of a community citizen café in a popular fokontany of the city of Toliara, with the aim of raising awareness among people from all social classes about the activities of the Nifin’akanga movement and its themes, the growing phenomenon of rape and incest, as well as the consequences of unsafe abortions.
    • The screening of the documentary film “Open Wound” on rape and incest in Madagascar, in partnership with the Toliara French Alliance.